Sunday, March 20, 2011

talkin-talkin about new search!

wow...awesome,handsome.those word deserve to inianwarhadi and matluthfi90.recently,my classmates showed me this video tekan-tekan after that i said,this man was,same days after my class ive search about matlutfhi90,overall his video was best la..not bad,mesti korang kate..ewww...ketinggalan okie.aku plax nak i care?ok,back to the topics!..ive been a fan of him since his first viral video,His videos have good messages.

he is someone that i really like so much!!!His videos are really funny, and i can watch it like a hundred of time without feeling bored.  I bet most of you ever watched it right.???
Well, I'm not the one that really fanatic to the YouTube, but some of the videos in YouTube (mostly posted in Facebook) makes me wanna know the owner of the video. Ever heard about inianwarhadi??? Well, he's known also from YouTube. Even i know him through YouTube,but i really recommend all of you to see his video. His English really fluent and he's from Kedah, if I'm not mistaken matlutfhi also from kedah too...tekan-tekan.inianwarhadi.

well,both of them are diffrent but they are genius,ooppsss...sorry genius doesnt exist.pandai la..sebab ble wat video klako2 cmni,act bkan klako ade massage disebalik video2 mereka kan?ok..if u all interested ngan dua orang mamat hensem ni do google about them,i bet xkan menyesal...

this is the guy.matluthfi!

this is anwar hadi.

p/ diorang ok...;))